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Why Friendships Change After Having Kids

Social support is key during the postpartum phase and beyond. However, some parents may scratch their head as to why they've grown distant from they usual friend circle. Sometimes it's easy to pinpoint the reasons, and sometimes they're harder to decode. Here is a list of the most common reasons why some friendships fade after having kids:

1. Lifestyle Changes: New parents may not enjoy the same activities nor have the time and energy for their friends.

2. Shift in Values: New parents may adapt a new family-oriented perspective on life, only choosing friends who share the same goals.

3. Perinatal Moods and Anxiety Disorders: PMADs such as postpartum anxiety or depression may lead to isolation from friends and family.

4. Changes in Financial Situation: Diapers, formula, hospital costs, and other expenses can add up. This can lead to new parents denying invites to social gatherings.

5. Finding New Friends Who Are Parents: Some may gravitate towards friends who are also parents as they'd be able to talk about a wide range of topics related to parenting.

6. Lack of Support During Pregnancy or Postpartum Phase: Others may choose to break ties with their friends because they did not feel support during pregnancy or the postpartum period. On the flip side, new parents may have difficulties communicating their needs with others.

7. No Babysitter: If the get-together is not kid-friendly, new parents may choose to stay home due to lack of babysitters.

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